18 Oktober 2019 Gerik : A Briefing session on Hulu Perak District Disaster Management Briefing has been held at the Dewan Persidangan Majlis Daerah Gerik.

The session has been attended by Officers from the District Office, all Penghulu Mukim, MPKKs' Chairman and Secretary. The briefing was conducted by En Mohd Sophian Bin Ismail, Hulu Perak District Civil Defence Force Officer. The objective of the briefing session is to provide information regarding the procedures involves and respective parties roles  during any disaster that might happen in the district. The brieifng session was jointly organized by Hulu Perak District Office and The Civil Defence Force of Hulu Perak District..

Taklimat Pengurusan Bencana Daerah Hulu Perak Taklimat Pengurusan Bencana Daerah Hulu Perak
https://pdtgerik.perak.gov.my/index.php/berita/343-taklimat-pengurusan-bencana-daerah-hulu-perak https://pdtgerik.perak.gov.my/index.php/berita/343-taklimat-pengurusan-bencana-daerah-hulu-perak



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